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Consulting (Feasibility Studies, Concepts, Specifications, Cost Estimates, Prototyping)
“AME” can help you evaluate your manufacturing needs: from Ergonomic Workstations, to Special Machines, to Fully Automated Turnkey Production Lines.

Project Management (Project Management, Schedules, Reviews, Equipment Acquisitions, Installation Management)
“AME” can manage your entire project from start to finish or any portion thereof. Even on projects “AME” is not directly involved with, “AME” can assist you with the detailed evaluation of concepts and quotes, and/or detailed reviews of the design, build, and acceptance of equipment you are acquiring from other sources.

Design (Mechanical, Electrical - Machine Control, Pneumatic, Hydraulic)
“AME” can handle your equipment design: independently or as part of your design team. For a great machine, you need a great design!

Programming (PLCs, HMIs, Computers, Robots, Motion Control, etc.)
“AME” can handle your equipment programming: independently or as part of your team. Good programming can greatly improve the performance of your machine!

If you have a machine that that does not meet your expectations, whether in production or under construction, “AME” can help you evaluate the problem and offer you solutions.

Take "AME" and NAIL your next project!